Alternative GoPro File Importer

I’ve been obsessed with my GoPro ever since I bought one last year, but was always a little frustrated with the process of importing and organizing files. The result is this little side project, an application that allows you to import GoPro files with a little more control than the default application allows.

Download GoPro Organizer

More specifically, the program allows you to:

– Sort media by type so that photos, videos, and timelapses are in separate directories.
– Choose whether files are stored by date taken or in a single directory.
– Rename files to the time they were taken (and choose the time format used).
– ‘Import’ files from any directory structure, allowing you to move your existing imported GoPro files into a different format.

GoPro In Action
A gratuitous example of a photo post import.

GoPro Studio separates timelapses into different directories but doesn’t do the same for photos, which makes it more difficult to create movies when you have to sort through a set of photos.

GoPro files follow a naming convention that allows the importer to differentiate between photos and timelapses (amongst other things), but it isn’t particularly helpful when you’re browsing a directory of photos. My application allows you to rename the files as they are imported, using the time they were taken as the new name of the file.

If you’ve already imported files from your GoPro’s SD card, the organizer allows ‘imports’ from any location and directory structure (provided the file names have not been changed), making it easy to re-sort files into a different format.

This solves a problem for me, and I hope it does for you! If you like it or have thoughts about other things it can do, please message me in the comments.

Download GoPro Organizer