Programming Resolutions for 2016

Inspired by Matt Might and others, I’ve decided to create some resolutions for 2016. I’m going to leave out the non-technical ones though, so while ‘Stay Healthy’ is out, it doesn’t mean i’m not trying!

  1. Write more. Starting now!
  2. Get better with the command line. This is the epitome of tools that I use all the time, but nowhere near as efficiently as I should.
  3. Learn Go. Of the all the new(-ish) trendy languages, this is the one that I feel i’m missingĀ out on the most.
  4. Read more recent research. Since finishing my PhD I haven’t kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest from the research community.
  5. Make use of my spie charts. I have a couple of ideas for the spie chart implementation i wrote last year, but haven’t done anything with them.
  6. Secure this site. Since Let’s Encrypt entered open beta, i’ve been interested in trying it out (status: achieved).

And that’s it… for now. If everything goes to plan, you should see posts coming throughout the year; if it doesn’t, damn.